Description of the track

This is the only road route chosen by us.

It runs alongside, lengthways, the territory of the national park of Upper Murgia, skirting the town of Pioggiorsini (you don’t enter it), Grovina di Puglia, Altamura and Santeramo.

Naturally the road you will travel will have extrememly little traffic.

You’ll pass along the Basentello dam on a route between grain fields which in Spring are tainted with an amazing lively green, and in Summer with a glowing yellow gold; you’ll pass by wonderful farms and you’ll be able to sample the typical products of the wine and culinary the Murgian gastronomy.

In the towns you’ll have the chance to give you road bike a rest (if you’re travelling with road bikes..naturally) renting a mountain bike which will allow you to cycle on the other gravel tracks we’ve chose, encountering up close the wild Murgia.


Difficulty: Easy
Length: 76,256 km
Digging up level: 0%
Road condition: all the year
How to reach the starting point: The train station in the town of Spinazzola

Anello di Federico II

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