Description of the track

An easy itinerary chosen to allow anyone, even the least fittest, to enjoy a day in the open air, surrounded by nature.

The first part of the track, following an extension of the Reggio Tratturo  (244 km of Italy’s logest ancient road that shepards travelled during the winter migration when they herded sheep from Abruzzo to Puglia) crosses the pre-murgian Ruvese.

Once inside the Scoparello forest (composed mainly of Roverella trees) you will then have the possibility of  discovering, ancient farms and Jazzi, and of cycling through trees which have seen the passing by of shepards, knights and ladies, as this forest was for along period property f the noble families.


Difficulty: Easy
Length: 25,252 Km
Digging up level: 40%
Road condition: all the year
How to reach the starting point: Tenuta Pedale” holiday farm: on the county road SP 238, from Corato in the direction to Altamura, at the Km 19,8 turn right on the SP 172.After a few km you will find the sign of “Tenuta Pedale” on the left
Travelling time: 1.30H

Anello di Federico II

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