Description of the track

This itinerary circles around one of the biggest forests in Puglia (1083 hectares).

Although it’s an artificial forest, down the years it’s had a spontaneous growth of specimens of roverella and typical Mediterranean species such as the torny oak or the holm oak.

The trail doesn’t contain any particular difficulties or climbs; in the first section you pass along the edge of the forest on a very lively path with up and down parts which are great fun, while on your right the  Brandanica’s Valley, is cultivated with wheat. Entering the wood, where it’s not unusual to come across wolves, weasles and bores, and where for some years during the winter season there has been sightings of the Apennine wolf.

In the last part of the itinerary you reach Cavone,a deep sinkhole (typical depression of  Karstic regions) whose crater appears unexpectedly in the middle of a forested area of conifers where it’s possible to enjoy the fresh shade of the pines, even in the hottest hours of the sultry summer days.


P.S. For those who’ve reached the departure point of the itinerary by car, we advise you to ask at the “Centro Sperimentale” (check point 1) if it’s possible to park the car inside or on the side of the road directly in front of the entrance.


Difficulty: Easy
Length: 18,913 km
Digging up level: 70%
Road condition: all the year
How to reach the starting point: The old trough in the Acquatetta wood :on the county road SP 138 from Andria in the direction to Spinazzola at the Km 6,2
Travelling time: 1,15 h

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