Description of the track

The itinerary is characterised by gravel tracks easily crossed by bicycle, almost all of which is on the flat crossing three types of landscape.

1) One section is characterised by extensive grain crops which in the Spring colour green the gentle slopes and in the Summer tint yellow the grain buds that grow under the scorching sun in await of the harvest.
2) A forested area of conifers where it’s possible to enjoy the fresh shade of the pines, even in the hottest hours of the sultry summer days.
3) The last section of the trail proceeds along the highest and most panoramic part of Murgian ridge.
When the sky is limpid, from the ridge it is possible to catch a glimpse of the Lucan Appennine.
We will reach the quarries of bauxite: in the magical atmosphere of these places bright red of stones mixes with glowing red of the sunset.

P.S.: For those who’ve reached the departure point of the itinerary by car, we advise you to ask at the “Centro Sperimentale” (check point 1) if it’s possible to park the car inside or on the side of the road directly in front of the entrance.


Difficulty: Facile
Length: 25,745 km
Digging up level: 95%
Road condition: consigliata Primavera e Autunno
How to reach the starting point: The old trough in the Acquatetta wood : on the county road SP 138 from Andria in the direction to Spinazzola at the Km 6,2
Travelling time: 2 h

Anello di Federico II

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Discover the bauxite quarry with us

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