The route departs from the car park in front of  the Poggiorsini train station, and winds its way along a road almost entirely in plain, half asphaltedand half gravel.On the first part the itinerary skirts the archaeological zone of  Grotteline where we find very ancient traces of the rocky Murgian system.Carryng onon we come across a more recent historic trail, one of the 10 launching pads of American nuclear warheads (no need to worry, it has all been dismantled in 1963) which NATO had positioned in Upper Murgia during the cold war against the Soviets.
The second half of the route winds along the foot of the Murgian ridge between cultivated fields of grain and other cereals. We pass near to two marvellous historic farms and finally we reach the norman-swabian castle of Garagnone, Whose ruins  seem almost camouflaged against the limestone of the high ground on which it is built.


Difficulty: Easy
Length: 21,285 km
Digging up level: 40%
Road condition: all the year
How to reach the starting point: The car parking opposite the train station in the town of Poggiorsini
Travelling time: 1,30 h

Description of the track

Anello di Federico II

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