Description of the track

This itinerary is noticeable for its technical characteristics which render it a little demanding; the roughness of  the gravel tracks, the length of  the climbs and a short piece of the trail to be tackled like a scout, proceeding from point to point (following the coordinates of a few reference points) crossing the Murgian wilderness.

You will cycle as far as Torre disperata, one of the highest points of Upper Murgia and you can admire the ancient remains of antique farms (such as the farms of Torre Disperata or Povera Vita) and many architectural remains, signs of a history deeply attached to the farming and herding cultures of these parts, today deserted.

However you’ll be able to sample some of the local specialities  on sale in one of the local farms close to the track.


Difficulty: Medium difficulty
Length: 21,559 km
Digging up level: 95%
Road condition: all the year
How to reach the starting point: Piano D’annaia” farm : on the county road SP 39 from Corato in the direction to Poggiorsini at the Km 5,4
Travelling time: 1,30 h

Anello di Federico II

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