Description of the track

All of this itinerary proves to be extremely technical, which is why we advise less expert cyclists or beginners  to choose the shorter, less demanding version which allows you nonetheless to enjoy the natural and architectural beauty of the landscape.

The trail is mostly gravel with numerous, though short, climbs; you’ll cycle through woods, and in the mouth of a canyon you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the sight of two ancient jazzi, one of which still in excellent condition.

The most interesting point of this route is surely il Pulicchio, an enormous oval shaped dolina (1600m perimeter) 530m long and 380m wide characterised by rocky vertical slopes, in places over ten metres in height.

With a depth, in the lowest point, of 87 metres il Pulicchio in the 1950’s underwent forestation which dramatically changed the environment from that of an arid and rocky one to an intensely green one.



Difficulty: Hard
Length: 34,635
Digging up level: 80%
Road condition: recommended in spring and autumn
How to reach the starting point: La Calcara” holiday farm : on the county road SP 151 from Altamura in the direction to Ruvo at the Km 5,7
Travelling time: 3,30 h

Anello di Federico II

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