Description of the track

This itinerary doesn’t present any particular difficulties, apart from a short segment of rough gravel, an obstacle which, if one chooses, can easily be avoided opting for the shorter version that we propose.

You’ll be able to cycle in the wildest part of the Murgia and least anthropological, passing across the Bitonto forest with its 110 hectares, composed of Aleppo pines, common cypresses and Arizona cypresses. You can admire the architecture of typical constructions, fruit of the farming-herding culture (trulli, farms and jazzi) and you can sample the local products of food and wine, purchasing them directly from the local producers.



Difficulty: Hard
Length: 30,232 km
Digging up level: 80%
Road condition: recommended in spring and autumn
How to reach the starting point: La Calcara” holiday farm : on the county road SP 151 from Altamura in the direction to Ruvo at the Km 5,7
Travelling time: 3,30 h

Anello di Federico II

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