Description of the track

One of the longest itineraries that we have chosen, immersed in the grassy Murgia, there are no particular difficulties involved, apart from the length, which however, one can get around dividing the route into the short version and covering it in two stages.

Almost entirely gravelled surface, the itinerary is centred around three points of fundamental interest:


1) The Pulo, a carsic hollow of an elliptical form, with the widest part roughly 550m and the deepest 92m. This is probably a collapsed dolina, formed that is, by the collapse due to natural causes of the enormous roof. On the north facing walls we have numerous caves, surely prehistoric settlements of  ominidi; to confirm this theory there are not only the discovery of archaeological findings, but also the discovery not far from here, of the skeleton of the famous “man of Altamura” (the so-called pre-neanderthal man, which lived during the Pleistocene, in a period between 50,000 and 30,000 years ago.)

2) Lamalunga is the place where, inside a cave, the skeleton of which we have just mentioned above, had been discovered, and which the locals affectionately refer to as “Ciccillo”.

On the Ragone farm, the property where the cave is located, a visitor centre is opened to the public from 9.00 to 13.00 and from 15.30 to 19.30, closed on Monday. For further information and for reservations telephone at 339 614 41 64.

3) Concluding the route you’ll arrive at the Dinosaur quarry, known as Pontrelli quarry (an area of 15,000m/s), now in disuse, but inside of which in 1999 about 30,000 dinosaur footprints had been found dating back to 80 million years ago. Until now research has been able to identify traces of medium and small sized dinosaurs belonging to the four footed herbivorous species, but seeing as the excavations haven’t yet been finished, other discoveries are not excluded.


Difficulty: Medium difficulty
Length: 37,834 km
Digging up level: 80%
Road condition: all the year
How to reach the starting point: The train station “Appulo Lucane” in the city of Altamura
Travelling time: 4,30 h

Anello di Federico II

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Discover the Pulo sinkhole and the Dinosaurs Quarry with us.

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