In October of 1993, during the exploration of the Lamalunga cave, some speleologists made an extraordinary discovering: in the terminal part of the cave long 60 m, which entrance is through a ponor 8 m deep, there was a skeleton of a prehistoric man dating back to the intermediate period between the Homo Erectus and the Neanderthal Homo, as said 150.000 years ago. He was a 30 years old man, 1,60 m tall which has got the name of “Ciccillo” from the local people. Its skeleton presents a calcium condensation that protect the bones and helped the conservation.
In the sixteenth century farm house of Lamalunga, which is close to the site, is possible to virtually follow the entire process of the discovery, from the entrance till the skeleton. In fact, because of technical obstacles that would damage the skeleton, it will continue to rest in the darkness of the cave.

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