The landscape of the Alta Murgia is characterized for a 90 per cent by single macro scenery similar to an open area with different micro sceneries. This situation reflects on animal population: the fields without trees take in more or less 75 different species of birds as the Skylark, the Calandra Lark, the Short-toed Lark that nidify at the soil; the dry and stony areas are the ideal habitat for many species of reptiles among which there is the gecko of Kotschy and the Colubro leopardino, the distribution of which is limited at the Murgia. A further group which arise extreme interest is that of the raptors: the Alta Murgia holds the most numerous nidifying population of “grillaio” (Falco naumanni) or Lesser Kestrel declared by UE in priority species conservation. It is perfectly adapted to the landscape where, after a good meal of invertebrates, at the end of the day comes back home in the Murgia’s old town centres.

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