It is a necropolis of barrow sepulchres which have been found near the city of Corato, 13 km in the south-west direction. Its central area extends for 2 km in the north-south direction and for 1 km in the east-west direction. The tombs are mainly structured with a rectangular wide casket (“cista”) surrounded by megalithic blocks of stones that remember the dolmen type tombs of the late Bronze age.
In the tombs have been found some bronze and iron objects, beside some plates both colourless and painted with fine clay using the geometric art. The example that stands out among all the rests is a Greek-oriental cup from the sepulchre n. 12 which dates back to the late VII and the early VI century B.C. This was an import product imitating the local Metaponto style as there are many similarities with the vase complexes from the Matera territory. Other interesting examples are a filter vase fragment, handles and some horned accessories.

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