The Alta Murgia is the only place in Italy where is possible to observe how during the centuries the man and the nature have worked together to give the landscape its present shape. Walking or riding throughout this land, which is actually the only left example of Mediterranean steppe in Italy, one can easily find the traces of the men passage. This does not mean that it has been negative: in fact what happened in this territory can be defined as a spectacular example of relationship between men and nature even from the point of view of the social and anthropological science. The population of the Alta Murgia worked for many years to reclaim this land in order to make this hostile ambient more liveable. The land of the highest part of the hills was used as pasture for the ovine as it was not profitable, while the depressions between the hills, where in the past flew the rivers and where now are collected the rainwater, have been changed into agriculture fields after the removal of all the stones. These stones were so important for the local people that they started to use them to create tools, handworks and constructions.

Just using the technique of fitting in the stones, here called “a secco”, the men have created such works as dry-stone walls, trulli, jazzi, specchie which has been fundamental for the local people life.

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