Garagnone Castle

It was built along the Appian Way, behind the Fossa Bradanica, where once should be arisen the old city of “Silvium” close to Poggiorsini. The rests of this castle seem to disappear into the mountain where it was built. If you look carefully from the bottom you can see the rest of the walls and of course only if you climb the mountain you will see the magnificence of this hidden castle.

From a historical imaginary reconstruction, the building had to be of two floors, with a covered entrance, two rooms used for the animals and to keep the straw, then there were the stairs carved into the rocks which bring to a store, a chapel and an ambient overlooking the courtyard with six rooms. Its elevated position denotes defensive purposes. Many chronicles tell about the Garagnone and its feud as a very rich territory: an important place of interchanging between the Alta Murgia and the cities on the coast. (from Guida al Parco Nazionale Dell’Alta Murgia, Centro Studi Torre di Nebbia, 2006)

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