From the Valle d’Itria to the sea …cycling!

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We propose you a bike trip through the heart of beautiful Apulia, from the inside of Valle d’Itria to the costs of Monopoli and  Polignano, giving you the chance to taste all the colours and the perfumes of our land. We thought of a structure for this trip that allows you to discover hidden, stunning corners, not even some locals know, to meet genuine people that love to share their culture. Your smile, your emotions and the unforgettable tale of this experience together, will be the cherry on top.

High – Season: €  790 euro  per person (up to 4 travellers)
700 per person (5 and 6 travellers)
€ 660 per person (over 6 travellers)

Off-Season price (March, November):  €  690 euro  per person (up to 4 travellers)
620 per person (5 and 6 travellers)
€ 580 per person (over 6 travellers)



      € 590  per person (up to 4 travellers) € 460 per person (from 5 travellers and over) (ALL HOSTELS AND CAMPING except for the first night in B&B – no breakfast included) More info in OFFER DETAILS session below:







Holiday Type
Bicycle travel, Self - guided tour
  • Activity Level Fairly Easy
  • Group Size Min People

From the Valle d’Itria to the sea …cycling!

The bike tour we offer is an itinerary through the heart of our stunning Apulia, connecting the inner part of Valle d’Itria, also known as la Valle dei Trulli (Alberobello, Cisternino, Locorotondo), to the coasts of Monopoli and Polignano, giving you the chance to enjoy all the colors and scents of this land.
The trip aims to let you discover such breathtaking corners, welcomed by the genuine enthusiasm of the locals, ready for the pleasure of the cultural exchange.
Your smiles, your emotions and the unforgettable tale of an experience you’ll wish could never end, are just going to be the icing on the cake.

TOTAL LENGTH OF THE TRIP: 147km (average)



The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance

What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.


  • 7 breakfast
  • 7 overnight accommodation in B&B/hotel/Agritourism
  • GPS with the preloaded track of the biking itinerary (1 GPS device for group travellers booking)
  • Information document about the Highlights of the travel (restaurant, monuments, and traditions)
  • Luggage transport
  • Supporto online 24h/24h


  • AVAILABLE: from the 1st of May to the 28th of July and from the 1st to the 30th of September
  • this offer is available only for customers who travel renting our bicycles
  • when the camping accommodation is planned, we supply the tent and set up it for you, included in the price
  • for this low-cost offer the single traveller version is not available
  • For this low-cost version, the visit to Pomona Garden is included in the price


What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • City taxes to pay on-site, where required (Alberobello, Monopoli, Polignano a Mare, Matera) = 4,80 euro about
  •  The luggage transfer service is supplied only for the bike stages of the trip, it means that the service ends with the redelivery of the bike and it’s not supplied for the 7th and 8th-day trip.



Booking in advance (every day 10:00 AM) – at least 2 pax

Languages: Italian: 20 euro (per person); English: 25 euro (per person);

OTHER LANGUAGES: 120 (divided among the travellers)


Booking in advance, at least 2 pax;

Every language: 120 (divided among the travellers)


Booking in advance(every day 10:00 AM) – at least 2 pax;

Languages:Italian: 25 euro (per person);English: 30 euro (per person);

OTHER LANGUAGES: 120 (divided among the travellers)


Booking in advance (every day 10:00 AM) – at least 2 pax

Languages:Italian: 30 euro (per person);English: 35 euro (per person);

OTHER LANGUAGES: 120 (divided among the travellers)


Booking in advance (every day 10:00 AM) – at least 2 pax

Languages: Italian: 20 euro (per person); English: 35 euro (per person);

OTHER LANGUAGES: 120 (divided among the travellers)

Guided tour of Pomona Garden (2,5 hours) with figs taste (in September fresh figs and in the rest of the year the dry figs) (the price is for a guided visit in Italian language or french)

(for other languages you need a translation supplement of 30 euro divided among the participants).  From 9:00 AM to 12:00 AM/ from 4:00 PM to the sunset [at least 2 persons]

  • 21 euro (up to 4 people) ;
  • 11 euro (for a group of 5 people and more)

Lunch + cooking class in old Masseria: [at least 2 persons] (You learn to make “ORECCHIETTE” (the famous Apulian pasta) cooking your lunch guided by experienced Apulian people and  picking the ingredients for the dressing directly from the bio vegetable garden of the Masseria): 37 euro per person


25 EURO per person (at least 2)

DAYS and HOURS: Tuesday and Friday ( form 11:30 to 13:00 AM/ from 6:30  to 8:00 PM)

Bike Hire + Helmet: 100 euro per person

E-bike: (high-level motor): 220 euro per person

Single traveller extra: 210 euro

Single room extra:185 euro

Medical and luggage insurance: On-demand

PRIVATE EXCLUSIVE TRANSFER from Matera to Bari Airport (book in advance, pay on-site):

Working hours: from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm

1 passenger 70,00€;

2 passengers 75,00€;

3 passengers 80,00€;

4 passengers 90,00€;

5 passengers 100,00€;

6 passengers 110,00€;

7 passengers 120,00€;

8 passengers 120,00€

(all prices must be divided among the passengers)


0 – 2 = 100% [ babies under 2 years can travel free (no seat is assigned)]

2 – 12 = 50% [children from 2 to 12 years old can pay 50% (they must be accompanied by adults)]

child car seat 5 €



Ferial days: extra time (calculated on an average transfer duration, not depending on the driver): € 5,00 per hour;

Public holidays: except for the Sunday fares will be increased about 30 % from the normal fares.


PRIVATE EXCLUSIVE TRANSFER from Polignano a Mare to Matera (book in advance, pay on-site):

100 euro (up to 4 passengers);

150 euro (from 5 to 8 passengers)

(all prices must be divided among the passengers)


  • Train ticket from Bari to Ostuni: 5,70 euro

(duration= 0:50 h about)

  • Train ticket from Polignano to Bari: 2,5 euro

(duration= 0:30 h about)

  • Train ticket from Bari to Matera: 5 euro

(duration= 1:50 h about)

Ticket + guided visit to the Castellana Caves (book in advance, pay on-site) [this site has fixed times for the different languages, check the table on their official web site: http://www.grottedicastellana.it/en/timetable/: 16 euro



  1. Giorno1 Bari

    Arrival in Bari, accommodation, bike, tour briefing
    Bari is the regional county seat, a city on the sea, full of life both day and night, with a historical centre, a cathedral and a castle, you can’t skip visiting while tasting some of the many typical street foods (panzerotti, sgagliozze, popizze) with a nice and cold Peroni beer…a must if you really want to be an Apulian!
    Overnight stay in bari
    Optional (not included in the tour price) guided tour in the historical centre with street food-tasting, with a Peroni

  2. Giorno2 Ostuni - Ceglie Messapica - Cisternino

    Train transfer from Bari to Ostuni
    LENGTH: 35 km circa
    The bike tour starts from Ostuni called “The white city ”for the blinding whiteness of its house painted in white lime; from here the tour continues towards Ceglie Messapica, famous for its delicious culinary arts (a pulian sandwich snack here, is mandatory!) and then straight to the Apulian Aqueduct Cycle Lane (the longest in Europe) through the heart of the Valle d’Itria to admire such corner of indescribable beauty; along the cycle lane you can stop to visit the Ashram of Cisternino, a place of great spiritual charme, founded in the late 1970s and still active since for the practice of Hinduism but open to all visitors.
    We then get to Contrada Figazzaro and, before reaching Cisternino we suggest stopping and visit The “Giardini di Pomona”, a botanical garden, a temple of biodiversity with over 600 different species of fig trees, and many other local and exotic plants. (all info and costs in the details).

    Overnight stay in Cisternino (and don’t forget to taste the famous and tasty “bombette di carne”-little meat bombs!!!)

  3. Giorno3 Cisternino - Martina Franca - Locorotondo - Alberobello

    LENGTH: 32 km circa
    Breakfast and on the bike to get to the near Martina Franca, the most “noble” village of the Valle d’Itria, located exactly between the Adriatic and the Ionian sea, with n historical centre full of precious buildings.
    From here we go to Locorotondo, one of the most renowned villages of Italy, characterized by the sloping roofs, locally called “cummerse”, of the tiny houses. In Locorotondo you can add a food and wine-tasting to your tour in a wonderful place, the vineyard on the roof (info and costs in the details).
    Next stage, Alberobello, The city of the trulli, the name of its traditional stone, cone-shaped houses. Moreover, Alberobello is a U.N.E.S.C.O. site since 1996 (we recommend a guided tour here, to better undesìrstand the construction technique of the Trulli, and their centuries-old tradition-all info and prices in the details)
    -overnight stay in a Trullo (if available) or b&b or Hotel, in Alberobello

  4. Giorno4 Alberobello - Castellana Grotte - Monopoli

    LENGTH: 40 km circa
    Breakfast and departure towards Grotte di Castellana, a huge web of subterranean caves, one of the most beautiful in Italy. After the visit we suggest including a workshop on Apulian typical cooking with lunch included, in one of our favourite farms, not too far from the caves; you can choose how to dress your meal directly from the garden and learn how to make “orecchiette”, famous, typical Apulian fresh pasta, and many other local recipes (infos and prices of this option, in the details).
    After lunch, back on the bike, all the way down to Monopoli, a village inhabited since the bronze age; fortified by the Messapi with strong, huge walls; the Romans made a military harbour and, in the 1500s, a fascinating castle was built.
    -overnight stay in a B&B in Monopoli

  5. Giorno5 Monopoli - Santo Stefano di Monopoli (oppure bike tour nel Parco delle Dune Costiere)

    You can decide whether to relax without biking too much (7 km round trip) or to go on a little longer ring path (41 km) to discover the beauty of the “Parco Regionale delle Dune Costiere”.
    Choosing the first option, Monopoli offers plenty of blu and green beaches and some of the most astonishing bays in the Contrada Santo Stefano.
    Choosing the second option, the ring path, you can choose to stop and visit on of the following places: Archeological Park and its museum; The Parco rupestre “Lama d’antico, San Giovanni e San Lorenzo”, a huge rocky settlement with a fresco, one of the biggest in Apulia.
    Right in the middle of the path, we suggest stopping and have a seafood lunch and RICCI in a restaurant on the sea, in Forcatella!!
    Overnight stay in a B&B in Monopoli.

  6. Giorno6 Monopoli - Polignano a Mare - San Vito

    LENGTH: 15 km about
    Breakfast and then a light ride to the wonderful Polignano a mare, the birthplace of the famous singer, Domenico Modugno, this village was built on a peak on the sea from where visitors can enjoy the view of the natural and historical beauties the place offers, with a very old historical centre and its byzantine, Spanish and norman past.
    Some places are so much overhanging you could dive in the sea from the balconies, in fact, every year in Polignano, there are international diving competitions.
    Two hours away from the city center, you can ride to San Vito di Polignano, a very tiny settlement on the sea with a characteristic little harbor, a majestic abbey, and an old military Saracenic tower, a perfect place to take a bath in the shadow.
    Overnight stay in a b&b in Polignano

  7. Giorno7 One day more in Polignano or one day to Matera

    You can choose to spend this last day relaxing by the sea, in Polignano or you can drop your bikes at the hotel and go to Matera by train, through Bari (1 hour-trip), or arranging a private transfer.
    If you choose to go visit Matera (European capital of culture 2019), you’ll find yourself in one of the oldest settlements in the world and will discover the “rione dei sassi” entirely created digging the stone, U.N.E.S.C.O. world heritage. You can also have a walk exploring the “Parco dell’ Alta Murgia Materana” and its ancient rock churches with a guided tour: the landscape is breathtaking in this corner of Basilicata, very close to Apulia (of course you can also add the option of a guided tour of the “Sassi”).
    Overnight stay in a B&B in Matera

  8. Giorno8 Return to Bari

    Return to Bari, by train. _ For those who spent the day in Matera it is possible to request a direct transfer to the airport (info in the details)

– Wear sport clothes;
– k- way and a change of clothes
– If you have bike shorts, use it!
– hat
– Water supply
– Sun glasses