The Francigena Way by bike
(self guided)

High - Season Price 810,00
Off-Season Price 710,00

Do you want to ride with the wind in the hair and the sun on your face??

Would you like to discover one of the most beautiful part of Apulia?

We have what you need!

High – Season: €  810 euro  per person (up to 4 travellers) – € 720 per person (5 and 6 travellers) – € 680 per person (over 6 travellers)

Off-Season price (March, November):  €  710 euro  per person (up to 4 travellers) – € 640 per person (5 and 6 travellers) – € 600 per person (over 6 travellers)


€ 500  per person (up to 4 travellers) € 410 per person (from 5 travellers and over)
(ALL HOSTELS AND CAMPING except for the first night in B&B
– no breakfast included)
More info in OFFER DETAILS session below



  • Holiday Type
  • Activity Level Leisurely
  • Group Size Min People
All about the – ROAD BIKE –
The Francigena Way by bike
(self guided).

The Via Francigena is a web of roads the pilgrims did to get from central Europe to Rome, Santiago de Compostela and Jerusalem . The origin of the name refers to the french territories called “Romea” because it led to Rome, centre of christianity. In Italy, its origins probably date back to when the longobards used it to connect the Reign of Pavia to the centre and the south of Italy; it then became natural for the pilgrims to use it to get to San Michele Arcangelo or the ports of Ostuni and Otranto to go to the Holy Land<br>

We’ll bike on the last stage of the via Francigena, the last kilometers the pilgrims walked before leaving for Jerusalem. A charming  itinerary on the coast, full of history and located on one of the most beautiful seas of Italy.<br>

A tour for with short stops, without difficulties and with a philosophy of slow travelling without the stress of timing that gives us the chance to enjoy every second of the stunning colors and scents of Apulia.





The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • 7  overnight accomodation in B&B, Hotel o Agriturismi (1 night in hostel, 4 beds rooms)
  • 7 Breackfast
  • GPS with preload traks of the itinerary
  • Information document about the Highlights of the travel (restaurant, monuments and traditions)
  • Lagguage transport
  • On-line Assistance 24h/24h
  • Insurance


  • AVAILABLE: from the 10th of May to the 19th of July and from the 1st to the 30 of September
  • this offer is available only for customers who travel renting our bicycles
  • when the camping accomodation is planned, we supply the tent and set up it for you, included in the price
  • for this low cost offer the single traveller version is not available


Whats not included in this tour.Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • City taxes to pay on site, where required  = 4,80 euro about
  • The luggage transfer service is supplied only for the bike stages of the trip, it's means that the service ends with the redelivery of the bike and it's not supplied for the 1st and 8th day trip.


4TH NIGHT IN B&B: 40 euro more

Booking in advance
(every day 10:00 AM) - at least 2 pax Languages:
Italian: 25 euro (per person);
English: 30 euro (per person);
120 (divided among the travellers)

Booking in advance - at least 2 pax: 45 euro per person

Booking in advance
(every day 10:00 AM) - at least 2 pax Languages:
Italian: 25 euro (per person);
English: 30 euro (per person);

120 (divided among the travellers)

Booking in advance, at least 2 pax Every languages:
120 (divided among the travellers)

Booking in advance
(every day 10:00 AM) - at least 2 pax Languages:
Italian: 25 euro (per person);
English: 30 euro (per person);OTHER LANGUAGES:
120 (divided among the travellers)

Booking in advance
(every day 10:00 AM) - at least 2 pax Languages:
Italian: 30 euro (per person);
English: 35 euro (per person);
120 (divided among the travellers)

Booking in advance
(every day 10:00 AM) - at least 2 pax Languages:
Italian: 20 euro (per person);
English: 35 euro (per person);
120 (divided among the travellers)

Bike Hire + Helmet :100 euro per person
E-bike: (high level motor):220 euro per person
Medical and luggage insurance : On demand


Private exclusive transfer from Matera to Bari Airport (book in advance, pay on site):

Working hours: from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm
0 - 2 = 100% [ babies under 2 years can travel free (no seat is assigned)]
2 - 12 = 50% [children from 2 to 12 years old can pay 50% (they must be accompanied by adults)]
child car seat 5 €
Ferial days: extra time (calculated on an average transfer duration, not depending on the driver): € 5,00 per hour;
Public holidays: except for the Sunday fares will be increased about 30 % of the normal fares.
1 passenger 70,00€;
2 passengers 75,00€;
3 passengers 80,00€;
4 passengers 90,00€;
5 passengers 100,00€;
6 passengers 110,00€;
7 passengers 120,00€;
8 passengers 120,00€

(all prices must be divided among the passengers)

Private exclusive transfer from Polignano a Mare to Matera (book in advance, pay on site):
100 euro (up to 4 passengers);
150 euro (from 5 to 8 passengers)
(all prices must be divided among the passengers)

Train ticket from Bari to Mola di Bari: 1,40 euro

(duration= 0:20 h about)

Train ticket from Brindisi to Lecce: 2,80 euro

(duration= 0:30 h about)

Train ticket from Lecce to Bari: 10,60 euro

(duration= 1:50 h about)

GUIDED VISIT OF LAMA D’ANTICO ARCHEOLOGICAL PARK (book in advance the guided visit and pay on site)[at least 2 people] SUGGESTED!! Ticket:6 euro
Guided visit: ON DEMAND

BIKE TOUR OF THE TORRE GUACETO NATURAL RESERVE SUGGESTED!! - 70 euro (up to 5 people)[this price must be divided among the travellers)
- 13 euro per person (over 6 people groups)

• City taxes to pay on site, where required ( Monopoli, Polignano a Mare, Lecce)

  1. Day 1 Bari

    Arrival in Bari, accomodation, bike, tour briefing Bari is the regional county seat, a city on the sea, full of life both day and night, with an historical centre, a cathedral and a castle, you can’t skip visiting while tasting some of the many typical street foods (panzerotti, sgagliozze, popizze) with a nice and cold Peroni beer...a must if you really want to be an apulian! Overnight stay in bari Optional (not included in the tour price) guided tour in the historical centre with street food-tasting, with a Peroni

  2. Day 2 OPTIONAL: one day in Matera (transfer by train)

    If you choose this option your bike travel will start one day after because you will have one day in the wonderfull Matera (U.N.E.S.C.O. Site), otherwise you will start soon your ride, but your travel duration will be the same because at the end of the travel you will stay one day ore in the fashionable Lecce. If you choose the Matera Option, in the morning, you will have a transfer to Matera by train (1h and 45 minutes) All the day in Matera OPTIONABLE: A TOUR OF THE MATERA AND THE MURGIA PARK A walk exploring the charming city of Matera and its naturalistic and historical beauties; discovering its ancient rupestrian churches; tasting the traditional food of its area; enjoying breathtaking landscapes from unusual spots of one of the oldest cities of the world. From the depth of the very heart of the sassi, we'll descend into the gravina (ravine), cross the wooden bridge on the gravina creek, visit some of the many rupestrian churches of the Matera Murgia and have lunch at the 'jazzo Gattini'. Overnight accommodation: B&B or Hotel 3/4 stars or Agriturism

  3. Day 3 Mola di Bari - Monopoli

    For those who stayed in Matera, train transfer to Bari and then, with all the other participants, another very short train transfer (25 minutes) to Mola di Bari where the bike tour will start. LENGTH OF THE FIRST STAGE: 29 km. Light level until the wonderful city of Polignano a Mare, birthplace of the famous singer, Domenico Modugno, this village was built on a peak on the sea from where visitors can enjoy the view of the natural and historical beauties the place offers, with a very old historical centre and its byzantine, spanish and norman past. Some places are so much overhanging you could dive in the sea from the balconies, in fact, every year in Polignano, thera are international diving competitions. After Polignano a mare, you’ll get to Monopoli, a village inhabited since the bronze age; fortified by the Messapi with strong, huge walls; the romans made a military harbour and, in the 1500s, a fascinating castle was built. -Overnight stay in a B&B in Monopoli

  4. Day 4 Monopoli - Dune Costiere Park

    LENGTH OF THE SECOND STAGE: 33 km. During this fourth day, you’ll bike through the Parco delle Dune Costiere” and you can choose what to visit: “parco archeologico di Egnazia” and its museum; Paco Rupestre “Lama d’antico, San Giovanni, San Lorenzo”, a huge rocky settlement with a fresco crypt, one of the biggest in Apulia; the megalithic monument of the “Dolmen dei Paladini” (or”tavola dei Paladini”). In the middle of the path, we suggest to stop and have lunch with seafood and RICCI in one of the many restaurants in front of the sea, in FORCATELLA!! Overnight stay in an Hostel in the Park.

  5. Day 5 Dune Costiere Park - Natural Reserve of Torre Guaceto

    LENGTH OF THE THIRD STAGE: 26 km On the way to Ostuni starting from the “Parco delle Dune Costiere” (16 km) all the way to the “White City”, so called for the whiteness of its houses, one of the characteristics that makes it one of the most beautiful places of the Basilicata, so, it’s going to be worth the effort of the little climb. After this visit, on the way to the “Riserva of Torre Guaceto”, you’ll pass by Carovigno and its wonderful Dentice di Frasso Castle. After the check-in in a structure near Carovigno, in the afternoon, we suggest to make a guided tour bike of the Natural reserve of Torre Guaceto (Info and costs in the details). After the tour (independent or guided) you go back to the agritourism for the overnight stay.

  6. Day 6 Natural Reserve of Torre Guaceto - Brindisi

    LENGTH OF THE SIXTH STAGE: 26 km After breakfast you can choose to spend the entire morning on the beach of the Natural Reserve before the bike ride to Brindisi that will welcome you on its beautiful port, the same from where the ships to Jerusalem used to sail to bring the pilgrims who got there after their long march on the “Via francigena”. After the tour of Brindisi, a train transfer to Lecce where you’ll spend the night and discover its beauties the morning after. Overnight stay in Lecce

  7. Day 7 Lecce

    A day in Lecce, discovering one of the most beautiful cities of the South of Italy. Also called”The Florence of the South”, Lecce is a jewel of architecture. Famous for the Baroch of the historical buildings, this city enchants the visitors with its elegance and for the warmth of the residents (just like every Apulian). You will discover the alleys of the historical centre, the artisan’s workshops, the tiny and characteristic museums and enjoy the dolce vita of the south with an aperitivo with a “Puccia Leccese” (a super local sandwich) and a glass of excellent wine. Of course, don’t miss to taste a “pasticciotto leccese” for dessert! Optional: a guided bike tour with a street food sampling (info and prices in the details) Overnight stay in Lecce

  8. Day 8 End of the Travel

    Last day of the tour, restitution of bikes and the rented equipment and return to Bari by train

  • Vestitevi con abbigliamento sportivo... evitate jeans, sono scomodissimi;
  • Munitevi di k-way...non si sa mai...;
  • Pantaloncini da ciclista, quelli col fondino imbottito, usateli!
  • Torcia frontale (anche detta TICCA)
  • Cappellino;
  • Borse posteriori da viaggio in bici;
  • Una buona borraccia per l'acqua;
  • un paio di occhiali da sole può evitare lo spiacevole inconveniente di insetti negli occhi durante la pedalata;
  • Sacco a pelo e stuoino (viste le alte temperature potete sostituire il sacco a pelo con un sacco letto di cotone)
  • Lo stretto necessario per l'igiene personale e asciugamani;
  • 2 magliette di ricambio
  • 10 mollette per stendere i panni (qualche corda la portiamo noi)
  • costume da bagno
  • Crema protettiva
  • Frutta secca
  • fornellino da campeggio , gavetta, olio, sale e pepe (ovviamente se decidi di andare sempre a cena fuori tutto ciò non ti serve)
  • Una felpina di cotone (come sai, sul mare, spesso la sera può anche essere umido)
  • Una presa tripla
  • Tappi per le orecchie (se hai il sonno leggero)
  • Un buon libro
  • La parte più socievole di voi


  • Scarpe col tacco (se sei bella lo sei anche scalza)
  • Camicia (se sei bello, in T-short selvaggia acquisisci il fascino del viaggiatore)
  • Asciugacapelli
  • Paranoie e pensieri negativi
  • L'utilizzo compulsivo dei Social
  • La parte fighetta che è in voi...